Sep. 23rd, 2010

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And once again, a whole month just sort of slides by unnoticed. Haven't been online much, and I apologize to the friends I've been neglecting. I've missed you all terribly.

I keep putting off writing an entry about the whole thing because it's hard to do justice to all the ups and downs and weird little dramas, and I'm not great with words. We've pretty much settled into the new place now; a couple weeks of taking out trash and wiping down countertops, little mundane things, have gone a long way toward making the place feel like home. We've even established Sunday as cleaning day, because hell, many families do something tedious on Sunday mornings and ours may as well be something useful.

Speaking of family, Terry's with us, and we're all acclimating to each other. There's been the usual friction you get when you stick a bunch of humans in a box and let them bounce off each other, but Terry has been absolutely sweet and helpful, and I could not ask for a better—or cuter—roommate.

So here I am, living with a bunch of people I've known on the internet since I was 13 or younger. I talked to them constantly while I was growing up, and they were important to me in ways I can't begin to quantify, but my parents rarely acknowledged them except to call them my "fake computer friends" while admonishing me to go Out and find Real Friends. This... feels like a major victory.

(For what it's worth, I had plenty of offline friends, especially once I hit high school. It was just incomprehensible to my parents that I could be so attached to people I met on the internet that meeting "real people" would not instantly evaporate my bond with them.)


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