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Today we blundered our way to Boston, Meg to get fingerprinted and badged for the new job, Eris and I to meet up for coffee with lovely people. Meg joined us later and fun and debauchery were had by all. I'm nicely exhausted so this will be short, but:
  • Boxerbriefs under a skirt: genius. No chafing of thighs when I walk, particularly in hot weather.
  • I had the idea of writing down the names of all the books/films/comics/videogames that were recommended to us, but only actually wrote down one of them before I got lost in sketching. Everything mentioned will surely come up again eventually, so I'm not too worried. :)
  • Got to watch Peggy sketch a lot, which is a real pleasure.
  • I uh...forgot to plan ahead for vital functions like eating. Hardly did any of it until 18:00. It's silly, because we were at a cafe, but the jitters I get from meeting new people (which actually evaporated pretty quickly, thanks to the warm and friendly company) translated into a lingering reluctance to go up and order food. I was teetering a bit by the time we got back to North Station. Goes to show that, although I've mostly got my social anxiety managed and I can usually function as well as anyone 'normal', it will still sneak up and nip me sometimes. This is a very minor quibble and I'm still looking entirely forward to meeting up again. :)


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